Unit 2 Social Studies
The World Around Us
Links to maps- CIA World fact website

Say Hello to the World around us in different languages

Unit 3 Social Studies
Governing the People

People come to America from all over the world- Interactive Atlas

People come to America thru Ellis Island

Italians waiting to come into American

Becoming a citizen of the United States

The Bill of Rights-Amendments to the Constitution protect citizens

Step Inside the Voting Booth go to step inside the voting booth/step inside a voting time machine

Many state legislatures, city councils and school boards across the United States are currently debating issues that affect kids. What do you think about:
  • Curfews — Are they necessary for kids' safety, or do they punish kids who are just trying to have fun?
  • Raising the Driving Age — Would this help limit auto accidents, or does it unfairly take away kids' right to drive a car?
  • School Dress Codes — Do dress codes help make all kids feel equal, or do they unfairly eliminate kids' freedom of choice about the clothes they wear?
  • Banning Books from School and Public Libraries — Does this help to protect kids from bad language and ideas, or does it unfairly restrict kids from reading the books they want?

Bill of Rights Game
Life without the bill of rights

What does the President do?

Audio file about the president

Be President for the Day Game

Design a Campaign Sign in Publisher

Pictures of US Presidents and their pets

Inside the White House

If the President make decisions for our Country. Who makes decisions for California?

Our newly elected Governor:

Wiki/Governor Brown

Who makes decisions for our city?

Fontana Mayor:

Frank Scialdone

Our National Government is made up of 3 branches
Click to see three branches of government

3 branches of Govt Game

Unit Activity

Like leaders of Nations, citizens cooperate or work together to solve problems.
A problem is something that is making things difficult.
A solution is a way to solve a problem.

These are the steps you will follow to solve a problem in the next activity.
1. Name the Problem
2. Gather information about the problem.
3.Think about different solutions
4. Think about the consequences
5. Try a solution
6. Think about how the solution worked.

Click on the discussion link and type your answers to the questions above.