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Name of Volcano (Period X)

Names of group members

Use this space to take notes and share information/image sources.
Find out:

  • How would an eruption impact places around it today?
  • location of the volcano
  • type of volcano
  • history of volcanic activity and current status
  • date of last major eruption and its impact on the surrounding area
  • tectonic plates in the area and their interaction (think: convergent, divergent, hotspot)
  • interesting facts
6th Grade Volcanoes WikiStep 1: Read up on the Pacific Ring of Fire.Wikipedia (Pacific Ring of Fire)

Step 2: Take notes* on your reading. Answer these questions:

  • What is the Pacific Ring of Fire? Explain its name.
  • Where is the Pacific Ring of Fire? What countries can be found there?
  • What is a volcano?
  • Describe the different types of volcanoes. How are they similar and different from one another?
  • Where can volcanoes be found, other than on Earth?
  • What does the word "volcano" mean? Where does this word come from?
* I won't collect these notes, but you should at least find out the answers to these questions.

Step 3: Use your group's page in this wiki to collaborate with your partner(s).**

  • Find information and cite the source(s) of the information.
  • Find images you can use in your projects. (You must have permission to use pictures.)
    • I highly recommend you try Wikipedia as your first place to look for pictures. Then try other sources as allowed by our guidelines for previous projects.
  • All content in this wiki needs to relate to the project(s) and be appropriate for school.
  • Here's a link to a great source of information: Global Volcanism Program
** We will make these pages in class when we get started.

Global Volcanism Program

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