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Nice job Nathan Sibrian on your JavaScript scene, you rocked it!

Nice job Nathan Sibrian on your JavaScript scene, you rocked it!


Come participate in learning html code!

Wow! Wyatt did an amazing job in this video.

Safe Internet Filtering for Families

When it comes to the internet and our kids it is critical that we filter the internet at school and home.
While at school we use hardware and software called "Content Watch" that cost around $5K.
At home it is easy to provide filtering for a whole lot less.

There are two types of filtering: Device and network

Network filtering filters the internet at the router level with computers in groups for content access. This is how we filter at school. You can filter this way at home, anyone who connects to the internet via your home router will be subject to filtering.

Examples of this free type of filtering are:
Open DNS

How to set your Verizon router to filter thru DNS or SECURLY

Device filtering filters a device, like a phone, computer, ipad etc at the device level.
This requires a software download on the device and a monthly subscription much like your anti virus protection subscription. Examples of this type of filtering are:

is configurable and you can monitor what your kids are viewing. It also sends urgent emails when users try to connect to sites that are blocked.

Please do not allow you children free access to the internet without a filter. Children/Teens should never be allowed to access the internet in a place where parents cannot monitor their viewing.

I turn off my router when my kids are at home and I'm not there. (and take the cord with me)

Please view the tools below to make your home safe for the internet.
Family safety resources

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