4th Grade Google Earth Mission Project

Objective: to locate California Missions on Google Earth and create placemarks for each mission. Students will add research information gathered from the internet, google earth and their textbook to the placemark regarding the mission they have chosen in Mrs. Carter's class.

In addition, students will explore the mission in google earth, investigating the use of natural resources in the area and why the location was important and the use of natural resources in the building of the missions. All things in common in Missions and how the structure facilitated life on the mission.


Open up an excel Spreadsheet
1 Copy and paste the below list of missions into column A
2 Name your speadsheet 'missionsyourinitals"

San Diego de Alcala
San Luis Rey de Francia
San Juan Capistrano
San Gabriel Arcangel
San Fernando Rey de Espana
San Buena Ventura
Santa Barbara
Santa Ines
La Purisima Conception
San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
San Miguel Arcangel
San Antonio de Padua
Nuestra Senora de La Soledad
San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo
San Juan Bautista
Santa Cruz
Santa Clara de Asis
San Jose de Guadalupe
San Francisco de Asis
San Francisco Solano
San Rafael Arcangel

Launch Google Earth
1 Create a folder called California Missions
2 Type in the name of the first mission on your excel spreadsheet into the search bar
3 Find your mission
4. Create a placemark for the mission
5 Go to the next mission on your excel spreadsheet and repeat the above process

Be an investigator as you are finding missions in Google Earth
What natural resources are around the missions?
What are the buildings made of?
Why are the buildings shaped that way?
What makes your mission unique?
Why is your mission in its specific location?
Research on the Internet
In Microsoft Word answer the following questions.

Ask Google the following questions

1. When was your mission built and by whom?

2. Which natural resources were used at the mission? How did they use them?

3. Tell about the daily schedule and routines at the Mission.

4. Who came to visit the mission?
How to make a google placemark
To see the video larger hold down the control button on your keyboard while hitting the + key.